Total Body Workout

April 3, 2017
Happy Monday!

Wake up and do a great workout to start your day. We know not everyone is a morning person. (And even fewer of us are eager to wake up and hit the gym.) But getting up and moving can be an amazing way to start your day. While the best time to exercise depends on your schedule and your body, the odds are for morning workouts.

Total Body Workout to start Monday off right.

Set 1: Reps 10 each side

Plank Lateral Raise: Holding your abs tight, create a straight line from your head to feet. Row the elbow back while keeping your hips parallel to the floor.

Arms Set 1


Set 2: Reps 10 each side

Plank Frontal Raise: Hold your abs tight and create a straight line from your head to feet. Keep a slight bend in the elbow as you lift the arm shoulder height.

Arms Set 4


Set 3: Reps 10 each side

Plank Row: Hold your abs tight and create a straight line from your head to feet. Feel free to add heavier weights to this set.

Arms Set 1

Set 4: Reps 20

Crab Walk Toe Taps: Sit on the floor with your knees bent, your palms slightly behind your hips, and your feet flat on the floor. Lift your glutes a couple inches off the floor. Lift and straighten your left leg while reaching for your left toes with your right hand

Arms set 6

Set 5: Reps 10

Walk Out Dips: Start in a push-up position. Walk the hand just past the shoulders. While keeping your elbows tucked in drop into a dip. Raise back up and walk the hands back to push-up.

Arms Set 7


Perform this workout 3 to 4 sets. After each set, add a quick plyometric exercise to raise your heart rate.

Plyometric Moves: Squat jumps, burpees, or high knees.

Have a great workout!


Denise & Emily


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