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January 25, 2021

Accountability and consistency are the most significant impact we can make in helping our clients reach their wellness goals. Holding a client responsible for implementing daily tasks enables them to stay the course long enough to get their desired results. It’s the consistent day-to-day actions that matter the most.

Realistic goals involve working at a slow and steady pace. It requires taking small actions consistently over time. Research reveals that the more a person is held accountable for taking necessary steps, the higher their success rate. The Salus team of experts are monitoring the ONLINE APP 24/7.

We are tracking clients daily. Daily monitoring allows our team to establish a client’s baseline and develop solutions and adjustments as needed. We work to reinforce their ‘why.’ Why do they want to get into better shape? The stronger their reasons for wanting to improve, the more likely they will succeed.

Communication is key. Our online APP provides 24/7 support, allowing for open communication and space for clients to feel comfortable about being honest about self-sabotaging habits. We tackle the real issues and build habits to break the patterns.

We zero in on clients reporting patterns. When a client consistently tracks, we see wellness patterns that help us better assist a client’s needs. A client’s actions through exercise, habits, and nutrition intake show the level of commitment based on how they report.

We are focused on results…

Accountability starts with you, and we believe there is nothing more important. Salus Online builds more profound, fulfilling relationships with clients by implementing coaching principles that create an honest, open, and compassionate connection.

Bringing wellness solutions to the workplace, because we believe body and business are interconnected.

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