Improving Your Upper Body and Low Body Strengthen

May 24, 2011
Push-up Techniques

Speed up the push-up!

For maximum push-up, do the push-ups as quickly as you possible can. When performing a slower push-up, the gravity will affect your strength. But remember to always maintain proper form.

Proper Form: Your hands should be shoulder width apart with hands even with your shoulders. Placing your hands too high or too low will cause weakness.

The Super Set is one of the best ways to increase your push-ups, but while you “rest” your upper body, you can also improve your wall-sit.

Push-Up/Wall-Sit Super Set

Do 4 to 8 Sets:

Timed Workout
The timed workout is another way to increase your push-ups and wall-sit.
Repeat twice:
1 minute of push-ups
1 minute of Wall-Sit

Repeat twice:

30 seconds of push-ups
30 seconds of Wall-Sit

Repeat three times:

15 seconds of push-ups

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