Podcast: Bliss Snatcher

October 21, 2016

What is self-love anyway?

We wondered the same thing, so we invited Rhiannon Lawrence, self-love body expert to the show to find out. Rhiannon believes your relationship with your body is a reflection of your relationship with everything else in your life. By loving your relationship with your body, you will find the power to create a life you love as well. On today’s podcast Rhiannon teaches and shares tools that foster self-love and silence the self-critic in us all.



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Yours in health,
Denise & Emily


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9 responses to “Podcast: Bliss Snatcher”

  1. Christine Beardall says:

    Needed to hear this today! Thanks, Denise and Emily. Loved Rhiannon take on self-love…

  2. Abby Barth says:

    I love the term “Bliss Snatcher” this motivates me to be more aware of the negative things I say to myself every day. I love listening to your Friday Podcast’s Denise and Emily!

  3. Troy Hart says:

    This is so unmanly of me to comment, but us men have negative self-talk as well. I have a tendency to be really hard on myself. This was good for me to hear today. I am looking forward to the “man” podcast you guys spoke of coming up. Thanks.

  4. Roy Lindhardt says:

    Great Podcast! Negative self-talk is definitely a bliss-snatcher.

  5. Teri Paulson says:

    Love, love this podcast. Thanks ladies.

  6. Jody Wojtasek says:

    Thank You Denise and Emily, I have a taste of the bliss and then the snathcer sets in. Just this morning I went to say to the universe I’m to old for this and in mid sentence I stopped. THANK YOU THANK YOU for reminding us to find the bliss.
    I’ am awesome………..

    • Denise Carter says:

      Jody, you are one of my favorites. Whenever I see you, you have a smile on your face and you make me laugh. Thank you for always being a person that lights up the room.

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