Judgment Free Wellness Space

June 27, 2019

When we are in the space of judgment to self, we have allowed a sense of separation to our emotions, body, and self.

Goal: Not to believe or indulge in your judgmental thoughts.

When we look at the rest of the world, our minds have a natural tendency to analyze every situation or event. This form of judgment is a way for the brain to manipulate and use the body’s environment to assess and adapt.

Working out, Yoga, Running, or Meditation allows you to push out the noise and fine-tune your thoughts. Once you’ve become more aware, you’re able to peek into the inner world. This is the space of consciousness, beyond judgment. The more you tune into this aspect of yourself, the more you can see the imperfections in how you see yourself.

Get comfortable with your emotions.

Look at the situation as an outsider. 

Don’t let thoughts turn into action. 

Push Play!

Share, comment, and join the movement.


Denise & Emily


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One response to “Judgment Free Wellness Space”

  1. LaRaine Fitch says:

    I enjoyed the Challenge and keeping track of how much I was drinking in a day.
    And trying to walk more and exercise more regularly.
    But slowly I can conker them.
    The videos were very motivating as well!

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