Keep Your Workout Mojo Strong

August 29, 2019

Do you ever feel like you’ve lost your workout mojo? In other words, you have NO desire to get out of your warm bed and in the gym. Lack of motivation happens every so often, especially when the temps start getting colder.  I have five tips that may help you keep your workout mojo strong no matter the season! And by the way, some of these tips are even backed by science!

Some of the most committed exercisers do it every day before the sun comes up or late at night when the kids are in bed. They set a time and stick to it. Sit down with your calendar and try to build a schedule.

If you convince yourself you’ll fit in a workout sometime after that last meeting, once the kids go down for a nap or when your spouse arrives home on time, failure is certain! Something will come up and trump it every time, and that will leave you feeling defeated. Write your workout on your calendar, set up a daycare, and rearrange things around this one hour as if it were any other necessary appointment you have to keep. Or use technology like daily email reminders, workout journaling websites, or apps to keep you on task.

For me, it’s my hubby. If I snooze a few times too many, he’ll get me up and vice versa. Sometimes you need a little push in the motivation department, scheduling regular workouts with a buddy can make all the difference. You’re less likely to hit snooze or head home for the night if you know you’re leaving your workout partner in the lurch.

This is my most favorite tip of all! When I stopped doing this, it literally changed everything for me. I stopped working out to get a better body “looks” wise and changed my mindset to workout because of how it made me feel. The moment I stopped working out for my physical appearance, I became more motivated. “When exercise is all about the way you look, and you fall short of your expectations a few times, you end up just giving up.

Okay, so the health benefits of exercise aren’t enough to rouse you out of bed at the crack of dawn, but if part of your paycheck is on the line, maybe you never miss a workout, right?

Fitness accountability apps, like PACT and Diet Bet, allow participants to set a goal, and if it doesn’t get met, the participant has to part with cold hard cash. And because the payout is attached to your bank account, the idea of backing out is a lot less tempting. On the flip side, if you do meet your goal, you’ll win it all back and then some! And it’s not just a clever gimmick — a study in the medical journal JAMA found that dieters with a financial incentive were more likely to eat right, exercise and lose weight. Do you dare bet on yourself?

Were human, we need change and variety, and most importantly, we want the exercise to be fun! Yes, even while we work out. Whether it’s a class that changes every week or a trail run that changes scenery every season, design your exercise routine around a variety of exercise methods. Make sure you like what you’re doing and look forward to it, even if it’s challenging.

Listen to your gut when choosing the best workout for you. Do what you like. I have found that when I choose something, I am passionate about, like yoga, that it satisfies me and I have more energy and motivation to go back for more.

Besides, more variety will challenge and changes your body in unique ways, which may introduce you to new muscle groups you didn’t even know you had.

See you tomorrow, at 5:00 am?? Who’s with me?


Salus Team

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