Let It Go This Holiday Season

December 2, 2016

Does the impending aroma of turkey and the sound of jingle bells music make you a little anxious? Whether it’s your quest to find the perfect gift, the need to capture the perfect family moment, the stress of having to look your best or the desire to cook the perfect meal, the overwhelming drive to make sure everything goes according to plan is often at its peak during the holidays.

So how do you ease up and let go of that feeling of being perfect during such a critical time? The solution isn’t about giving up control but forming a plan that works for you. Today’s podcast is just what you need to hear as we kick off the holiday season.



Thanks for joining us,

Denise & Emily

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2 responses to “Let It Go This Holiday Season”

  1. connie arnell says:

    Great reminder not to get overwhelmed trying to be perfect this Holiday season. Laughed so hard when you started to list all the things we think we have to do during Christmas. I might be that person… Congrats on iTunes, I Subscribed.

  2. Lisa says:

    LOVE! Great reminder to keep a good balance during this busy time of the year.

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