Let’s Get Loud!

March 18, 2021

Kelly Cochran is LIVE on the podcast! Affectionately known as the “Loud Blonde” by friends and fans, Kelly Cochran is a professional motivator who shares her message of self-empowerment on stages across the country.

Before diving head-first into entrepreneurship, Kelly spent 15 years working in SEO, brand strategy and project management in corporate America. Tired of hitting her head on the glass ceiling, Kelly ditched the cubicle for good in early 2017.

Push Play!

Kelly loves to work with driven, Type-A women who are tired of playing small and living life below their potential. Her high-performance coaching powerfully moves her clients out of their comfort zones and into inspired action by focusing on the 3 M’s: Mindset, Motivation & Marketing.

Winner of the 2019 “Top 20 On The Rise” Award for Marketing and named a Female Trailblazer by SDVoyager Magazine, Kelly is the outspoken female voice this generation has been waiting for. Her debut book, LOUD: Silence Your Critics & Turn Up the Volume on Your Life, launched as a #1 Amazon Best Seller.

You can learn more about Kelly at LoudBlonde.com.
Instagram: @loudblonde

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