Maiden Voyage

May 3, 2011

Maiden Voyage
The weather was finally nice enough for me to go on a bike ride this weekend.  I know most of you are probably sick of hearing about my bike, but did I forget to mention that I love it?  I’ve learned a so many lessons from it already.  First and most importantly, don’t spend your tax refund before you actually get it.  Anyway, on Saturday there were hundreds of runners gathering at the U for the marathon, I headed the other way and went south on my bike!  There is nothing more invigorating than watching the sun rise up over the mountain while being outside, enjoying the fresh air, and doing something just for yourself.  It was a little chilly, but a beautiful morning.  I rode the new Pioneer Parkway and then went up and over Suncrest and back home.  I rode about 45 miles altogether.  I have to admit, I was secretly afraid to climb Suncrest with my new bike.  It doesn’t have as many gears and I wasn’t sure if I was strong enough without my granny gear!  It is so crazy how easy it is for fear and doubt to creep into our minds.  We limit ourselves, not by our physical limitations, but by the limitations we allow our mind to create.  I am proud to tell you my body put my mind back in its place and I climbed fast and strong up the mountain.  Our bodies are amazing and so strong.  Listen to your body and it will listen to you! It takes about 30 minutes for me to climb Suncrest and about 4 to come down, but I can’t think of a better way to start my weekend!  Have an amazing day – make it the best one yet!

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