Matcha Tea Latte

May 11, 2015

Every morning before I head to work I make myself a cup of matcha tea. I’ve always thought that there is something extremely peaceful about how serene and beautiful early mornings are. Letting myself be really quiet and slow for the first 30 minutes of the day is really therapeutic. It’s my time to get grounded and get in a positive place before I conquer the day. If it’s nice outside I’ll put my favorite sweater on and take a slow walk around the neighborhood with my tea. I love it so much that it might even top mimosas at brunch…. maybe…

Matcha is an herbal green tea that has a really earthy, nutty flavor to it. The history of this tea is fascinating. Zen Buddhist monks and Chinese Daoists drank it to remain alert and calm during long hours of meditation, and Samurai, the noble warriors of medieval and early-modern Japan, drank it before going into battle due to the tea’s energizing properties. So this means if you want to be a healthy-god/goddess you should drink this. Seriously.

The Japanese tea leaves grow in the shade to increase chlorophyll content. Each leaf is packed with antioxidants. They are handpicked, steamed, dried and ground into a fine green powder. It contains an amino acid called L-Theanine that boosts the production of dopamine and serotonin, which enhances your mood, improves memory, and promotes better concentration.

This energy is different than what you get from your regular cup o’joe. It’s good, clean, natural energy and you won’t experience a drop after a few hours. However, I love my vanilla lattes so to swap them with matcha has been hard at times. Below is a recipe for my vanilla matcha latte that I have fallen in love with and look forward to everyday. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Boil 1/2 cup of filtered water
Put 1 teaspoon of matcha in the boiling water — whisk it until there aren’t any clumps
Put 1 teaspoon of raw, organic honey into your coffee mug and pour the boiling matcha mixture into your cup
Bring 1/4 of a cup of vanilla almond milk to a boil — whisk it until there is foam on the top of the milk
Pour the boiling almond milk into your cup and enjoy!

8 responses to “Matcha Tea Latte”

  1. Denise Carter says:

    I love Matcha tea! I add a slice of lemon to my tea. Matcha tea is great for detoxing.

    • Bailey says:

      Me too! I haven’t ever used lemon with it, but that’s a great idea! I usually just drink hot lemon water with honey every morning when I wake up. It helps keep my skin clear!

  2. Jody Wojtasek says:

    Thanks for the recipe, I’m going to try Matcha Tea. Where do you purchase?

  3. Denise Carter says:

    Jody try whole foods or clean foods.

  4. Chandler Harding says:

    I love how a recipe is provided, any drink that energizes and promotes good alert concentration sounds like a great morning warm up before work to start the day.

  5. Nikki S says:

    Amazon has a great selection, try the Matcha DNA

  6. Bill Gray says:

    Does Matcha Tea a tea leaf, or is it some other sort of herbal tea?

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