Meals For The Business Traveler

March 13, 2014

Every once in a while you may get lucky enough to travel for work. Who doesn’t enjoy different scenery from the desks we see every day? There are also those employees who are constantly on the road. They may not feel so lucky when they learn about their next trip. Either way, these are some great tips to staying healthy while traveling.

Be flexible and patient to find health foods.

Unless you pack your meals for the entire trip, you may have to be flexible and a spontaneous with the foods you consume.

Here is a list of some great travel snacks that can fit in your briefcase or purse. If you don’t have time to pack a lunch, you can find most of these foods at the gas station or convenience store.

Stick to 3 meals with no snacks to cut out extra calories. This is especially true if you are not preparing your own food. Restaurants tend to sneak extra ingredients (high-calorie sauces, etc.) where you can’t account for the total calories you are consuming.

Pick the place for client dinners. If you have a meeting over dinner take initiative and give a few healthy options for location. Check out the restaurant’s menu options beforehand and make sure there is something available that you will feel good about eating.

Happy Travels!

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