Meltdown Q & A

December 30, 2015
With the challenge getting closer, here are a few Q&A to help you get prepared.

Q: How do I register for the challenge?

A: Simple! CLICK HERE to access the registration page. Your registration is crucial in order for Salus to send you access to our meal plans, workouts, and online challenge forum.


Q: Do I have to take before measurements/a before photo?

A: Be BRAVE! You should definitely take a before photo and before measurements. Here’s why:


Q: Do I have to participate in the suggested forum check-ins online community?

A: It’s not mandatory that you participate in the check ins or the online community, however, you’ll seriously miss out if you don’t! We highly recommend joining in on the fun for a few reasons:


Q: Do I have to use the Salus workout videos?

A: We can’t make you do anything, but we sure hope you work out with us! If you’re looking for optimal results, you’ll definitely want to follow the workout plan in this program. It’s only 8 weeks, you can do it! Adjust the workouts to meet your fitness level and always consult a physician before starting any new type of fitness program.


Q: What is the best way to reset my password and get online access?

A: Email info@saluslifestyles.com and request a “password reset”


Q: What if I’m not a Salus corporate member but want to participate in the challenge?

A: Salus will offer you access to our online tool for the duration of the challenge. Once the challenge has ended, you will be given the option to permanently register for an online profile.

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