Morning & Evening Flow

November 1, 2017

This Yoga Flow is a great way to begin or end your day. With so many demands placed on us with family, relationships, work and our own personal goals, it’s easy to feel stretched past what you can handle. A simple yoga practice for 10-20 minutes will absolutely reset your mind, alleviate stress, increase endorphins and give you clarity. I recommend pairing this flow with a few minutes of mediation either before or after. This is a great way to jumpstart your day or calm your mind before bed.


Morning & Evening Yoga Flow

  1. Hero Stretch: Kneel in Hero Pose and then cartwheel your right hand back, lean into it and arch your back. Repeat on left side.
  2. Cat/Cow: Come to a kneeling position on all fours. Arch your back as you take an inhale. Then sink your stomach down as you exhale and raise your gaze to the ceiling. Repeat.
  3. Down Dog & Three Legged Dog: Lift your booty high and spread your weight through your fingertips. Lift right leg high and straight.
  4. Right Knee to Right Elbow: Draw your knee forward, keeping in plank position and touch your knee to your right elbow, then raise back into your three legged dog.
  5. Corkscrew Twist into Fallen Star: Bring your right leg down and through on you left side. Straighten your leg. Lift your left arm and flip your body over and arch as you reach for the sky. Then come back into your three-legged dog.
  6. Dragonfly Twist: Bring your right leg forward to your hands as if you are going to come into a lung, but instead twist your body as you stretch your left hand to the ground and right hand towards the ceiling. Work to open your chest as you keep the heel of your back foot up.
  7. Vinyasa: Plank to Updog to Down Dog
  8. Repeat on left side: Down Dog & Three Legged Dog, Corkscrew Twist into Fallen Star, Dragonfly Twist, Vinyasa
  9. Sitting Chair Pose: From Down Dog position, jump your feet between your hands and raise to a seated chair pose. Keep your arms and chest lifted and push you heart forward as you draw your booty back like you are about to to sit down.
  10. Flying Chair Pose: Draw your arms back and lift your heels off the floor but keep the rest of your body in the same seated chair pose.
  11. Standing Position & Arch: Drop your heels to the floor and stand. Arch back for a nice stretch.
  12. Hands to Heart Center and Forward Fold
  13. Half-way Lift into Forward fold: Keep your back straight as you lift half way, resting your hands on your shins. Pull your head out to elongate your neck. Drop into forward fold. Push your upper body as close to your legs as you can by pulling on your calves.
  14. Half-way Lift to Standing
  15. Hands to Heart Center


Coach Brooke

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