Motivation Is Like A Rollercoaster

March 25, 2016

Have you ever started a fitness program and then quit? If you answered yes, you’re not alone!
We frequently get asked, “How can I stay motivated to eat healthy and exercise?” We can tell you, even the most determined people can lose steam sometimes…ourselves included! That said, sustaining motivation can feel like a roller coaster ride. But it’s an important factor in reaching your goals. Join us in today’s podcast and get tips on staying motivated!


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7 responses to “Motivation Is Like A Rollercoaster”

  1. Bernie Merono says:

    Few years ago I was feeling blue and decided to sign up at the gym, although it wasn’t a new year resolution (I don’t like them), it was a coincidence that it was the beginning of January, I didn’t want to get sore, so I started it slowly, getting every day few steps forward. I couldn’t believe myself, I started a routine of going to the gym. Pretty soon I was feeling stronger physically and more important, emotionally. The only little issue, I have to spend money in buying new pants because my size got smaller.

  2. Andi Groen says:

    I have found that exercising on my own has been a key sticking point for me. It gets way too complicated when I’m trying to be motivated by or am supposed to be motivating someone. It’s great if it works out that we can work out at the same time, but I fail when I’m concentrated on making myself available for them.

    And I SO very much agree that you need to find your own timing because I’ve found that no matter how many experts tell me that morning exercise is more beneficial, I just would rather exercise in the evening. And if that’s what keeps me going, then I need to stick with it.

    Thanks for the ideas on the podcast.

  3. Brandee Anderson says:

    Visualization. Visualization. Visualization. When I am really not wanting to get in that 30 min (at least) a day I think about how it feels to be at that goal weight. How it FEELS to know you look amazing in that little dress or business suit or birthday suit.
    I’ve also had to let go of wanting that “perfect” workout. This much weight, that much cardio, lift heavy, HIIT. It’s ok if I want to check out mentally and just run or even just speed walk while watching tv at the gym. What you said is SO important. If you don’t like what you are trying to do or it intimidates you just get moving and make movement consistent.

  4. McKaye Turville says:

    I am a little different then the comment above by Andi. My motivation right now, has been coming from the push I get and the push I give to someone else. (boyfriend). The days that I am feeling down, tired, or lazy and don’t want to do anything but watch Netflix, i know that he will be there to get me off the couch. Can it be annoying sometimes, YES! It also feels so good to see the changes in my body, but when I am unable to see any changes, he is there to remind me that the week/month before I would have never lifted that much. And I love the healthy competition between us.

  5. Alicia Smith says:

    Some people wait for motivation to act, but action usually creates motivation. When I am wanting to skip out on being active, I set my phone timer for 5 minutes and tell myself I’ll just do it for 5 minutes. It seems less daunting to do something little. Then once I get going, it’s easier to want to keep going.

    Visualize beforehand the time you need to do it, and imagine how you’ll handle any potential obstacles or distractions. Pre-load the decision in your brain. Then when the time comes, you don’t have to make the decision, you just do it before you have a chance to talk yourself out of it. Once it’s a habit, it’s easier not to wrestle with your self-discipline each time.

    Imagine the big picture, the emotional motivations. Imagine how good it feels to be at the destination like the post-workout endorphins or feeling accomplished and proud of yourself. Then it’s easier to feel as if you’re working toward something positive long term rather than depriving yourself of something you want short-term.

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