Motivation Monday

November 21, 2011
By:  Maria

Attitude of Gratitude
Seems appropriate to reflect on the things we are grateful for this time of the year.
Sure, we all have something in our lives that might create some stress or perhaps a goal we have not yet reached and may have regrets or disappointments.  However, we can all think of at least one thing in our life that brings us happiness.
We have a nice tradition in our family that we continue no matter who is hosting the Thanksgiving dinner and it brings smiles, happiness and sometimes tears to all dinner guests and sets the mood for the gathering.  I’d like to share it with you in the hopes that it will inspire some to switch from the negative aspects of our lives to the positive influences and blessings that surround us.
The Gratitude Tree.
The kids find a small, old branch at a park or in our backyard and bring it home, where we place it in a vase or jar (and trim if need be!) and put in the middle of our dining room table.  We take blank pieces of paper, punch a hole at the top and tie a ribbon to each one. The papers are placed in a bowl next to a handful of colored pens. It’s not a required task, but I explain to newcomers that, if they so desire, they can fill out a piece of paper and write something that they are grateful for or a special blessing worth mentioning and hang it on a branch.
Most people do this quietly, on their own and, before sitting down for dinner, the branch is filled with messages of thanksgiving and blessings.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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