Movement Can Heal You

April 16, 2015

Move to connect to a deeper desire, not an image you see in a magazine. Move to create an understanding of the life you want to live and build.


Podcast with Denise Carter, CEO Salus Lifestyles

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7 responses to “Movement Can Heal You”

  1. Tamara says:

    This is so awesome! This speaks to me so much! I love the idea of taking care of yourself for all the right reasons, The reminder that we get so caught up in the ‘have to’ and not the ‘desire to’ is so important. I believe in that energy you talk about and feel so grateful that you are teaching and talking about the difference between the worldly standards of fitness and the reality and right standards of fitness. This was a great reminder for me…can’t wait to ready and learn more! Thanks!!!

  2. Noelle Adams says:

    My daughter inspires me to move. She is playing more sports and I want to be part of the joy of being able to help her learn and grow. I also like to help the kids in the neighborhood learn to play softball. I help them hit and throw and catch the ball. I love to feel the positive energy. And I get to move also.

  3. Peggy says:

    That was inspiring and so great! It really touched me and gave me inspiration to want to get up and do more with my life! Thanks so much for the podcast!

  4. Roy Lindhardt says:

    I have never been one to admire athletes very much, I just see so much hypocrisy and ugliness of character in the field that I’ve pretty much given up on them. However, becoming truly healthy is becoming more and more of a truly attainable goal for me. I’m learning that a principle is much more inspiring than a person could ever be. Reputations can be tarnished, but a true principle will shine on forever. I’ve felt the strength and power that comes from being healthy during the first year that I had worked with you all, but now I’m truly learning the principles behind healthy living and I am way looking forward to becoming truly healthy!

  5. Julie Stratton says:

    My dogs inspire me to get up and move. They make walks more enjoyable and I love romping around with them through the yard and house.

  6. Alicia Smith says:

    My friends inspire me to move, asking me to join them at a dance class or by keeping fit and aging well to serve as a good example of what exercise can accomplish.

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