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 Slim Down Essential Program

Drop and keep unwanted pounds off with the Slim Down Essential Kit. Each kit has everything your body needs to safely lose excess weight. Over the next 30 days you will increase energy, trim stubborn fat, and give long-lasting results.


  • 7 Day Total Body Cleanse
  • Daily Essentials Kit
  • Protein Meal Replacement
  • All-Natural Weight Loss Kit
  • 30 Day Program Calendar


Weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated and neither does being on a program. This Step 1-2-3-4 Slim Down System was designed to take the guess work and frustration out of the equation.


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What clients are saying...

Kaylynn Lindholm

"Physically, I feel better after I do a cleanse. I have more energy and am more in-tune to how food affects me. The mental clarity that comes is what I love most about the cleanse process. One day during a challenging cleanse, a light bulb came on and I realized I was not the lies I had been telling myself for years. I realized I am stronger than my addiction to food. I proved to myself that I could do things I once thought were hard, and that no matter what comes my way I am stronger than it and I can overcome it. Now as a side note, I no longer have bread at every meal…I have found there are other whole grains that work better for my body and I rarely eat bread because I don’t like the way I feel after I eat it."

Megan Ann Rasmussen

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Megan’s aims were to reduce the soreness she felt in her joints, feel happier and more centered, and to feel good in her clothes. Her first surprise was how much confidence her coach (Denise Carter) had that she could do it. When she told her coach she wanted to lose 20-25 pounds and Denise said, “No problem,” Megan was shocked and didn’t think she was serious. But she was also very excited. Denise helped her set goals, gave her recipes, offered exercise and eating tips, and was supportive through phone discussions and emails. Megan was impressed by Denise’s investment to her success. “I’m not inhibited anymore,” Megan says. “I’m more in control. I feel more positive. I have the mental gravitas to feed my body good things.” Along with the physical results, the sense of having accomplished the goals you set for yourself can bring a lifelong confidence and strength that may not have existed before.

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