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Wellness for your company and your employees.

You understand the importance of paying attention to the market, trends, budgets, employees, and your competitors. But have you caught on to the new trend in business? Your body.

Body and business are interconnected. Your health affects your work. In order to be enthusiastic, innovative, and successful you have to take care of yourself. Eating the right foods, exercise, and working with your team are some of the foundations of good health. This may seem like common knowledge to most, so what’s the disconnect?

My name is Denise Carter, owner of Salus Lifestyles, a health and wellness company in Salt Lake City, Utah. I've been in business for over 20 years. I knew I was on to something big when I was able to help employees see the body-business connection and how it was affecting their work. As owners and employees started to engage in my program, the attitudes in the office became lively, fun, and people began to get excited about coming to work again.

Salus Guaranties Real Results

  1. Make your company employer of choice
  2. Create a healthy environment while saving money
  3. Improve overall health, performance and moral
  4. Keep employees accountable to staying healthy
  5. Company network to drive participation

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The System

The system is broken down into 4 Quarterly on-site wellness weeks. A series of events designed to promote healthier lifestyles and bring awareness to the importance of health and wellbeing. Heart healthy lunches, aromatherapy yoga, coaching sessions, and challenges. Salus coaching staff arrive on-site for one-on-one private in-person coaching session. Employees receive personal attention to overcoming struggles and creating solutions.
















Client Praise

Teri Paulson


A wellness program from Salus Lifestyles will provide your employees with the tools and education to achieve their goals and become more productive. With personal attention, open communication, and continuous motivational support for every employee, Salus’ unique and enjoyable programs will transform your workplace culture. Our team of wellness experts will bring extensive knowledge and experience to create a customized wellness program that will mirror your company’s standards and aspirations for growth  and success. The Salus team creates personal connections and lasting bonds between your professionals and ours.

Let’s work together and create a positive atmosphere of health and wellbeing to foster your employees’ and your company’s future success.

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