My Youngest Yogi

January 9, 2011

By: Denise Hall

Not many people get to spend time with their kids during the work week, but I’m an incredibly lucky mom. My youngest is a little ‘mini-me’, and each month I have the opportunity to teach yoga at her school. It’s really pretty amazing; I work with the kids and teach them a series of poses, after which the students put them together and teach the group themselves. Last week, I challenged the group to see which child could stay in the tree pose the longest, and I was blown away at their performances! I couldn’t believe how long some of them could stay focused and in position. It’s so much fun. The kids seem to enjoy it, and I love having the ability to introduce them to good habits and health at such a young age. I work a ton, and most days get really busy for me, so I feel blessed to be able to spend time with my youngest and teach her what I love.

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