Nutrition 101 with David Johns

May 15, 2019

Q2 – Makeup Lunch and learn

David will be discussing the ins and out of nutrition. Find out what will work for your body type.

In this video, David covers the following:

“Don’t go on a diet!”


How to earn 50 points

  1. Watch the lunch and learn video
  2. Respond to the following prompt: What was your biggest takeaway?
  3. Post your response in the comment section below or email info@saluslifestyles.com

14 responses to “Nutrition 101 with David Johns”

  1. Roy Lindhardt says:

    Eat for the energy that you will be using afterward and to replenish the nutrients depleted earlier.

  2. Sam Lewman says:

    my biggest take away is that under eating can cause you to gain weight.

  3. Tanner Bickley says:

    The concept of Proactive Eating was very informative. I also was not aware that your body won’t lose weight even if you starve yourself.

  4. Gina Swensen says:

    What I got from this presentation was to plan and fuel the body according to upcoming activities and to eat every 3 hours.

  5. Julie Spencer says:

    I want to work on the proactive eating and only fueling for the activities in the next three hours. I wish that the presentation showed more on how to balance your meals and sugars.


  6. Amanda Lancaster says:

    I enjoyed learning about proactive eating. I typically don’t like to eat before exercising because I feel bogged down but those feelings should be minimized if I choose appropriate food.

  7. Vanitta Conrad says:

    Smaller meals and fueling your body for what’s ahead is best.

  8. Vermond Moran says:

    I didn’t realize that you don’t lose weight when you starve yourself and that fat is necessary to protect organs and hormones.

  9. Monilee Pearson Conrad says:

    Know your BMR so you know the calories that you need to:
    stay the same weight
    lose weight
    gain weight

  10. Doug Lawes says:

    Eat every three hours & plan food intake based on your upcoming activities

  11. Kory Luczak says:

    Definitely enjoyed this presentation. Everything he explained was very clear and simple to understand, which I appreciate. There are two things that I will work on from this, getting my BMR and making sure I pair protein with carbs better. The information David shared may be the most help helpful i have heard on the subject if nutrition.


  12. Daniele Youngblood says:

    I’m sorry I missed this presentation. My biggest takeaway was -don’t diet. Eat frequently balance your meals and sugars. I didn’t realize you’re burning sugars while lifting weight. Then, fuel for your activity level. Eating the big pasta dish before your hike then eating the salad afterward- that made a lot of sense to me but oddly never really put much thought into what foods do I need to eat to fuel my upcoming activities. Good stuff!

  13. Shane Johnson says:

    I did not realize how important it is to eat the correct foods prior to physical activity. Nice information to improve your physical activity.

  14. Jon Lindsey says:

    I never thought to figure out what my BMR was and to adapt my calorie intake each day accordingly. There was a lot of good info presented here. Thanks!

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