One of the Best Moves You Can Do for a Pain Free Body

July 8, 2015

Pain is not something to be feared, it is something to be understood.  It is usually our body telling us that something is off balance physically.  When we are off balance and not vertically loaded, gravity works against us.  

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For example, our left knee might be sore after jogging, not because of the pounding or even because of the knee, but because the hips are misaligned, putting more weight on the left side than the right.

Static Back is a stationary stretch that causes back muscles to release while allowing the upper back to fall into extension (the opposite of contraction). Lie face-up in front of a sturdy chair, with your legs raised and buttocks close to the chair’s front legs. Bend knees to 90° and place calves on chair seat (feet should not hit back of chair), with legs relaxed and however far apart you find comfortable. Stretch arms straight out from shoulders to rest on floor, palms up. Relax entire body, allowing your lower back to settle into floor (do not force). Hold for five minutes.

One of the best things about static back is that it allows gravity to begin the balancing process in our bodies.  For some this posture will feel very passive and relaxing.  For others, you may experience stiffness after the first few sessions.  Light stiffness is nothing to fear.  Make sure to breathe through out the entire exercise.   Enjoy! 

Coach Mikalyn

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  1. Chandler Harding says:

    I have noticed that when i do yoga and allow my body to relax into alignment it is much less painful. My back used to hurt everyday and i was not being careful with the way i lifted things and know my posture was bad. Now i am careful and spend time strengthening my core which has helped my back. I also love the pose legs up the wall.

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