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Office Wellness

invest in high touch office wellness strategy for you and your employees

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Promoting Physical activity with onsite fitness, meditation & more

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Educate and engage your employees in various educational presentations

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give your employees the one-on-one coaching experience

"The Salus Lifestyles program has been a big impact on my life. The leadership and instructors have been nothing less than a major support. They are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, fun, and truly live the work they do."

Fitness & Workouts

September 14th Workout

Back Drills   Equipment Needed: mat, towel and hand weights Download: Back Drills Workout PDF Have a great workout, SALUS…

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Everything Wellness

September Workout

Back Drills…

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Fitness & Workouts

September 15th Workout

Plyometric Hurdle     No Equipment Needed Download: Plyometric Hurdle Workout PDF Have a great workout, SALUS TEAM Leave a…

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Fitness & Workouts

September 16th Workout

Surya Namaskar B…

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Fitness & Workouts

September 17th Workout

Couch Potato Workout     Equipment Needed: mat, and stability ball Download: Couch Potato Workout PDF Have a great workout,…

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