Patience Pays Off

December 18, 2010

BY: Jennifer Zvirzdin (Salus Coach)
The smile on my face in this picture conveys the happiness and relief I feel right now. Months before I got married I replied to an Ad for free Engagement and Bridal pictures… I won! I was excited, but never knew what a disaster it would turn into. The Engagement and Bridal photo shoots went well so I hired the photographer to shoot at my ceremony. The photographer was late and never found us for the ceremony. I was devastated, thank goodness I hired a videographer last minute. The wedding went on and I waited six weeks for my pictures. I never received any pictures and the photographer would not return my messages. I was upset so I sent the photographer an ultimatum email, send my pictures, refund me or I’m going to small claims court. The photographer replied that the pictures had been sent to my parents over a month ago. My parents never received anything. I still don’t know what happened to those “pictures” that were sent to my parents house. After many emails I finally got the photographers address and today I drove an hour and got my pictures, six months later! FINALLY, the bridal pictures dispute was over. I consider myself a patient person, but this tried my patience and raised my blood pressure one too many times. Although, patience does pay off.

One response to “Patience Pays Off”

  1. Hollie says:

    Jen…first of all I didn’t know you have a blog or write for a blog. And Holy Cow! You just got your pictures! That is crazy. I felt so bad for you on your wedding day. That would have made me very mad! You are very patient. That is something that I have noticed about you and I must say it’s a great quality to posses. I need more of it! 🙂

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