Patience… Results Take Time

March 29, 2019

Let’s face it, patience is a virtue is a serious understatement. We believe it’s a skill. The good news is that it’s one that can be learned. As you cultivate and practice the skill of patience, you’re able to let go of things outside your control and live with less stress, anxiety, and frustration. It’s not an easy practice, but we believe it’s totally worth the wait.  Listen in on a few different perspectives on how to cultivate patience to open up new possibilities in your life no matter what you’re waiting for.

Push Play!


To achieve the domino effect in real life, you first:

1. Start with the smallest possible action. You have to start with small steps.
2. Add just a little bit more effort every single time you perform the action.
3. Make sure you put actions in the right sequence so each action enables a bigger one. As we said, the sequence (the right strategy) is very important.
4. Gain momentum with regular intervals and discipline. Plan sprints and make sure nothing gets between you and your planned action. There must be the right distance between the dominoes – in real life, that means the right frequency of iterations.
5. Make actions part of your new lifestyle and life design so you keep momentum.
6. You have to stay patient and follow the process. The big success usually comes after several years.

Mantra: Find an edge, win small victory, new action and resources, level up, repeat.

Be patient, results will come.


Denise and Emily

One response to “Patience… Results Take Time”

  1. Roy Lindhardt says:

    Great points! Always believed in patience being a key to life, but sometimes find it hard to implement in my life as I know i should. It is always worthwhile to keep on trying, continuing to put forth that little extra effort in all we do.

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