Plan To Get Fat!

November 5, 2013

Plan To Get Fat (This Holiday Season)

Many of us think we are certified professionals when it comes to weight gain during the Holidays. But in case you doubt yourself, here are the Top 3 ways you can plan to get fat this holiday season.
1. Eat every single holiday treat that crosses your path. No really, do it. Eat the cookies your neighbor brings over, the candies offered at work, and test taste every single sugary, syrupy, sweetened snack that meets your eyes. Watch the scale go up every time you step on.
Side note- to those of you who “don’t eat sweets”- you aren’t off the hook. That extra serving of mashed potatoes and egg salad that you didn’t really need can produce the same amount of weight gain.
2. Drink as many holiday cocktails/beverages as you can. This is a GREAT way to gain weight. That “1-2 glass per night” rule you have given yourself? Throw it out the door. Indulge! Drink a cocktail- drink 4 cocktails! Double the calories in your meal through what you drink.
3. Don’t work out. Do what everyone else does. During one of the most stressful, chaotic, times of the year, drop your work out regimen. Stay stressed! Then beat your self up about it in January and make a New Years resolution.
All sarcasm aside, we understand that maintaining weight over the holidays can be difficult. Give yourself a few guidelines that are possible. Try to avoid goals like, “I am not going to eat a single cookie for the next two months.” Those absolute goals tend to lose themselves during the chaos of the holidays. Try something like, “I am only going to have 2 slices of pie this Thanksgiving.” (That includes leftovers the next day!) And if you slip up, don’t go down the screw it crazy road. Know you’re human and start fresh as soon as possible.
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Happy Holidays!

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