Powerful Mind with Guest Camille Kennard

June 23, 2017

Your mind is a powerful thing and mental health is essential for wellness. Discover how to use the power of the mind to make your health a priority and start living your ideal life. Join us as we discuss mental health with guest Camille Kennard, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Health and Wellness Coach, founder of “Flourish Wellness Consulting” a wellness coaching and counseling practice centered on assisting people to overcome mental and physical obstacles to change, and to make their health a priority.



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Denise & Emily

11 responses to “Powerful Mind with Guest Camille Kennard”

  1. Alexis Weight says:

    Great Podcast! Wish I could have been to the Lunch & Learn in person!

  2. Aaron Peterson says:

    Good information…I’ll try and implement it into my daily routine.

  3. Doug Lawes says:

    Thanks for the advice

    Now to get going 🙂

  4. DGCrittenden says:

    There are many out there doing similar things (i.e. individuals trying to motivate and encourage)
    The real key is to commit and follow through.

  5. Kelly Adams says:

    Great information! What ever the mind can receive and believe — it can achieve. ( not sure of who the quote comes from). I have recommitted to utilize what Camille has talked about. Thanks!

  6. Bob Dull says:

    The old adage is true, ” It’s all in your head” Thanks for the positive message.

  7. Crleen Walker says:

    This was a great podcast. Lots of good information. I really like the idea to just start small with one goal to get started. I am going to put my goals on a vision board that I look at each day to encourage me. Thanks

  8. Jody Wojtasek says:

    I enjoyed this speaker. I AM STRONG

  9. Andrea Ave says:

    This was useful, but pretty general. I would appreciate knowing the neuropsychology and physiology of the process, i.e., what is happening chemically in the brain when a person applies these concepts, how the brain gets imprinted and trained or retrained as a result.

    • Emily Borja says:

      Andrea, we agree, the brain is fascinating and there is much more we could discuss on this topic for sure. Although the info in this particular podcast could be considered more general, we also believe that it’s a great place to start when learning how teach the mind to think more positively… it’s all about the baby steps right! Thanks for you comment-great idea for a future-“part 2” to this podcast.

  10. Emily Borja says:

    Thank you for your comments guys! Glad to hear it was encouraging. We will make sure you receive your points.

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