Project Organize

June 25, 2013

We hear it all the time, “You should be organized. Being organized is beneficial.”
Instead of spoon-feeding you this timeless wisdom, we are going tell you the benefits of organization. You decide if it’s worth it.

Save Money.

How many times have you purchased something you have bought before because you lost the original item? Do you have a storage room full of…something you don’t really remember? Ever paid a late fee on a bill because you couldn’t find it or forgot about it? Ever lost a client or made a big mistake at the office because you lost a document on your own desktop?

Increase your productivity.

With less stress inhibiting you and more pockets of time in your day, you’ll have an increased ability to get more done. It also helps when you can find what you need to do the job without searching endlessly, getting frustrated, or getting sidetracked by the clutter. This particularly applies to work situations; getting more done can mean better reviews, fewer late nights and maybe even a PROMOTION.

Set a good example.

Whether it’s for your friends, family, your children, your coworkers, or your employees, being organized makes a good impression, passes along the importance of learning the skill, and shows that you’re taking responsibility for things in life. This image is particularly important in the workplace; if your workspace is a disorganized mess, it could be misinterpreted that you lack responsibility, aren’t reliable, or don’t care

It’s good for your health.

The air inside of a disorganized home is more contaminated: dust, dirt, and pet hair is difficult to control when there are more surfaces for it to settle on. This excess grossness can trigger allergies, harbor bacteria and pests, and just generally make you sick. This impacts your energy level, which in turn decreases your productivity level, family time, and basic quality of life.

So you weigh the odds. But doesn’t organization seem a bit more appealing right now?

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