Pursuing Joy

May 29, 2019

Join us on the podcast as we discuss all the fantastic ways to experience more joy in your life. Joy is pure and more immediate. It’s a positive emotion that can be measured through your expressions. Joy is about feeling good at the moment, and it’s really about these small and simple moments we create that matter.



Denise & Emily

2 responses to “Pursuing Joy”

  1. Chris Remy says:

    I was taught long ago by one of my coaches to look for the little things in life for joy. I would join him in the morning to help set up the soccer fields. He told me I wouldn’t remember every soccer game and whether we won or loss. I would remember the early morning sun, the green grass, and the cool breeze. He was right, every time I feel a breeze or gaze at the early morning sun I feel happy.

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