Put a Positive Spin on it

March 13, 2019

Life ain’t easy and sometimes it can be a struggle to stay positive, but despite what your instagram feed may be telling you, nobody’s life is perfect. We all have our good and bad days, and finding a way to be happy will not only influence the rest of your day, but it’ll put you in a better mood and can have great long term effects too. The best part is that it’s contagious. You can influence those around you to be more positive and clear out that moody vibe.

Jennifer Garner shared a reverse poem by Chanie Gorkin on Instagram not too long ago. When you first read through it, the poem described a very relatable “worst day ever.” Basically saying nothing good happens and happiness is nothing but a fleeting moment. (kinda depressing) BUT here’s where the exercise begins…  when you get to the end, read it again—this time from the bottom to the top—watch how the same words become something completely different and inspiring.

Sometimes all it takes it a positive spin. We recognize that what we look for is what we tend to see. It may feel easier to see the flaw out negative, but if you can, find something good or positive, rather than diminish an area of its worth. By shifting just slightly to see happiness, you can start to create it.

May all your vibes be good ones.

Denise and Emily


3 responses to “Put a Positive Spin on it”

  1. Carleen Walker says:

    If I am not happy when I wake up I say to myself – today is going to be a good day – repeating it 3 times. And before I know it I am happy and ready for what the day might bring.

  2. Kim Pankowski says:

    Wow! I love this!

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