Q2 Check-in

April 4, 2021

Let’s make Q2 successful and workout together to help you get the results you want. Please take the time to fill out the form to the best your can with as much information you can give me as your coach. Your answers will help guide me when making adjustments to your program.


Salus Team

Q2 Salus APP Check-in

  • How did you do this quarter with your current habits? (Ex: were you able to feel successful with each one? Which ones did you struggle with and why?)
  • (Ex: you feel like your habits have now become a lifestyle and want a new challenge, or some habits are challenging as they are and you want to continue with them)
  • (Ex: Follow the 80/20 rule as a habit, be able to run a mile without stopping, get more sleep during the week, lower stress in your life)
  • (Ex: more check-ins, types of workouts, nutrition tips)
  • (Ex: weight training, mini bands, HIIT, yoga/Pilates, core, etc)
  • (Ex: time, energy levels, support, motivation)
  • (Ex: being able to track your progress, having accountability within the app, having measurable goals, having structure written out for you)

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