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You are one step closer to maintaining (possibly reducing) your current weight throughout the Holiday months. You will earn challenge points as you fulfill particular Healthy Behavior Guidelines. You are responsible to track and record your daily progress on this challenge page.

Moderation is the key to maintenance. Start today and create long-term habits that will lead you to a consistently healthy lifestyle.

Nov – Dec 2017 Maintain Don’t Gain

Goal: Earn points for 5 weeks (Nov 13 – Dec 15)
Every guideline you follow is worth 1 point per day

(total of 6 possible points per day)

  • Perform 30 -60 minutes of exercise (excluding weekends)*
  • Consume 1 serving of Fruit daily
  • Consume 2 serving of vegetables
  • Consume 64 oz of water (equivalent of 8 cups)
  • Limit sweets/alcohol to 1 serving or less
  • Consume 80% REAL FOOD (Click Here For Real Food Guidelines)

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