Remedies For Better Sleep

November 25, 2019

Supplementally, there are things that we can do to help support quality, restorative sleep. The main thing with that is providing your body the nutrients that it needs to maintain those natural hormonal activities that lead to sleep.

Relax Your Body

Interestingly enough, sleep studies find that the rapid cooling of your body temperature helps to cascade hormonally into the production of melatonin. You can take advantage of this “health hack” by either by taking a cold bath that pushes your body temperature down rapidly, or a hot relaxing bath is equally as beneficial. As you get out of that hot water into your cool sleeping environment, your body quickly cools, melatonin is released, causing you to sleep better during the night.

Bedtime Meditation For Sleep

Lie down under the covers, stretch your legs, and rest your palms by your sides. Take three deep breaths. If your mind is wandering, it’s no big deal. Just take notice and return your thoughts to your breath, letting the inhale and exhale guide you into a calm, deeply relaxed state of rest and sleep.

Mindfulness awaits you…

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Creating the Proper Sleep Environment

Once upon a time, we used to sleep in extremely dark and cool caves. This concept is the best way to think about why science is finding that your bedroom should mimic “cave-like” environmental qualities to promote quality, restorative sleep during the night.

2 responses to “Remedies For Better Sleep”

  1. Roy Lindhardt says:

    Great info and fun meditation!!

  2. LaRaine Fitch says:

    i love the suggestions of getting a better sleep.
    I will take the shower before bed and Meditate as you have selected.
    And will have a lamb chop for dinner with a cooked beet.

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