Saba Strawberries and “Cream”

September 26, 2011
By:  Maria
Nothing is as refreshing as a berry dessert. This one can be made with any berry, but my favorite are strawberries. The secret ingredient, and one that is key to this delectable dessert, is a product called Saba Mitica. Before there was balsamic vinegar, there was Saba. Saba is a grape must reduction, made by cooking grapes and reducing them down to 50%. In the ancient times, Saba was used as a sweetener. These days, Saba is completely versatile and used for salad dressings or even marinades for roasts. However, this one deserves to be used for something tastier – dessert!
Coconut milk
Saba (grape must reduction)**
Nuts of choice (optional)
Rinse and slice strawberries; place in individual sized bowls. Pour desired amount of coconut milk over strawberries, drizzle with some Saba and sprinkle with some cinnamon and nuts (optional).
**You can purchase Saba Mitica at Caputo’s Deli in Salt Lake.
photo courtesy of jensgonepaleo

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