Scrambled Egg Waffles

8 January 2018
Comments: 1
8 January 2018, Comments: 1
Try a new way to make scrambled eggs! If you have a waffle iron*, you can have a healthy, easy and quick meal to make for breakfast or brinner.
Easy to customize and fun for all ages!
  • 2 large eggs
  • Your choice of add-ins
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Cooking spray
  • For this recipe, I shredded a Japanese purple sweet potato – they’re very small, but gorgeous color – and chopped spinach.
Heat waffle iron as directed.
While waffle iron is heating, whisk all ingredients in a bowl.
Spray heated waffle iron with cooking spray and gently pour in mixture.
Wait until light indicator signals it is cooked (depending on waffle iron, you may need to allow scrambled egg to cook thoroughly and release easily).
*I like using my Belgian waffle iron since it has deep-pocket cooking plates. If you are using a regular waffle iron with shallow plates, be careful not to overfill the iron.

One response on “Scrambled Egg Waffles

  1. Crleen Walker says:

    That recipe sounds fast and easy. Make ahead of time and grab and go.

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