Benefits of M’lis CELLURID

  • ​​Break down cellulite
  • Stimulate and strengthen the waste elimination system
  • Mild herbal diuretic


Ramp-up your contour game and take shape with this breakthrough internal blend for optimal cellulite-busting power.

M’lis Cellurid contains a combination of pure, natural herbs that work together as a mild herbal diuretic to soften and break down cellulite and help stimulate and strengthen the waste elimination system. M’lis CELL-U-RID herbs works in conjunction with the M’lis Detoxification program and M’lis Maintain Anti Cellulite Lotion to increase the cleansing action of the body, preventing the formation of cellulite and assisting in its removal.

Concentrated Formula Contains:

• Juniper Berries: Valuable in bladder troubles, good for chronic rheumatism, used to release water retention
• Horsetail: Reliable diuretic
• Uva Ursi: Treatment of vaginal, bladder and kidney infections, used to treat water retention
• Lecithin: Helps lower cholesterol levels
• Apple Cider Vinegar: Used as a digestant, reduces body fat

Suggested Use: Take 2-3 capsules a half hour before each meal three times daily

M’lis Cellurid can also be purchased is part of the M’lis Cellulite Smoothing Kit and can be used with other M’lis Weight Loss products.

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