M’lis Prostate brings help and hope in the form of 19 ingredients carefully blended to support prostate health.

This product helps to:
• Support prostate health
• Reduce frequent urination
• Promotes healthy circulation


M’lis PROSTATE contains unique herbs that synergistically work together to support the health and wellness
of the prostate gland. This formula contains vital nutrients that have been documented to not only support
optimal prostate function but also helps support general health and well-being.

What does the prostate gland do?
The prostate is small walnut-shaped gland that’s part of the male reproductive system that helps make some of the fluid in semen.

What symptoms are associated with an enlarged prostate gland?
By age 50, more than half of all men experience the discomfort of urinary issues, restless nights, and reduced levels of sexual satisfaction due to prostate enlargement.

Does M’lis Prostate contain stimulants?
No. Its synergistic blend of natural ingredients, like Saw Palmetto and others, nutritionally support the prostate to help maintain healthy function.

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