M’lis Slender Aid


Benefits of M’lis Slender Aid:

  • Reduces hunger pangs and nervous tension
  • Appeases the appetite naturally
  • Regulates blood sugar level
  • Breaks down and oxidizes fat


M’lis Slender Aid is a natural formulation developed to balance blood sugar levels in the body, helping to appease the appetite and increase energy levels naturally. Helps to reduce nervous tension, eliminate hunger pangs and support the body’s cleansing system. Promotes the metabolism of fat deposits that adhere to the heart and other vital organs. M’LIS SLENDER-AID can be used alone or as a valuable aid to weight loss and cellulite removal.

M’lis Slender Aid Ingredients:

• Chickweed Herb- Particularly useful in reducing excess fat
• Burdock Root- Used to treat water retention
• Parsley Herb- Useful for bladder infections, builds energy, helpful for difficult urination, used to treat water retention
• Dandelion Root- Used for blood purification, neutralizes excess acids

M’lis Slender Aid Suggested Use:

2-3 capsules a half hour before each meal, three times daily
2 capsules three times daily will last: 15 days
3 capsules three times daily will last: 10 days

M’lis Slender Aid is part of the M’lis Weight Loss and M’lis Nutrition product lines and is all natural and can help you reach your health and wellness goals.

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