Check those bags at the gate! Power-packed with shiitake mushroom, cucumber, peptides, and green tea extract to pep-up collagen and wake-up puffy peepers – giving your eyes the boost they need to re-claim a refreshed, youthful result.


  • Dark Circle
  • Puffy Eye Relief


M’lis Eye Serum is formulated with all-natural extracts and proteins to help reduce puffiness, dark circles, bags, and wrinkles around the eyes.  These conditions are caused by a number of precursors: genetics, allergies, anemia, water retention, blood dilating medications, and more. Eye Serum strengthens the body’s connective tissues (collagen), reduces the visibility of inflammation and puffiness, and contains UV-protection to help create self-protection against sun damage and environmental.

Helps to:

  • Decrease the visibility of blood vessels near the eyes
  • Visibly reduce dark circles, puffiness and skin textures under the eyes
  • Increase oxygenated blood flow to the eye area to decrease bluish discoloration and inflammation
  • Stimulate the growth of healthy cells to keep skin looking replenished and youthful
  • Improve microcirculation to prevent blood stagnation around the eyes
  • Protect the skin against UV light and daily environmental buildup
  • Prevent age spots and melanin formation
  • Moisturize the skin to prevent the appearance of premature aging, fine lines, and wrinkles


Suggested Use: Gently apply a small drop of serum to the upper eyelid and below the eye, beginning from the inner corner of the eye and extending to the outer corner. Apply both morning and night. It can be used over or under makeup.

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