Signs You Are Eating Your Emotions

August 13, 2014

Do you eat your feelings?  Many of us eat our emotions without even realizing it.  While it’s okay to have an unnecessary snack every so often, you want to make sure it stays in check. Consequences of emotional eating are: weight gain, overworking the body, and becoming emotionally dependent on food.

Here are a few traits of emotional eating and how to cope if you think you meet the criteria.
1. Cravings are triggered by an emotion such as anger, anxiety, boredom, etc.
2. You eat when you are stressed.
3. You seek solace in food. You find yourself constantly requiring “comfort food” in order to relax.
4. You eat to feel happy.

Ways to cope:
Become more aware. This is super important because emotional eating can be unconscious the majority of the time. According to Dr. Susan Albers (psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic Hospital) it’s important to determine where and when you stress eat before trying to change anything. Do you stress eat at the office? Late at night? When you are alone? Find your pattern.

Replace it. Once you a ready to start omitting the stress snacks it’s important to replace it with something (your body is expecting it). Sip some tea, try a breathing exercise, send a quick text- whatever works for you.

I hope this helps!

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