Simple Halloween Costumes: From your closet or DIY.

October 29, 2014

Did you procrastinate your Halloween costume this year? No problem! Here are a few last minute costume ideas.

What you need
Pair of cheap plastic glasses, bow tie, printed high-rise shorts from the DI, and long socks.

Danny & Sandy From Grease
What you need:
Danny- leather jacket, black pants (tighter the better), black shoes, gel in hair, comb in back pocket.
Sandy- high-rise pants, tight shirt, leather jacket, bandana tied in hair, high heels!

Greek god/goddess
What you need:
White curtains or white fabric, gold headband and gold rope/belt to tie around waist.
Check-out this 5-minute tutorial to learn how!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTDRroxbSt4

Anything that looks ridiculous or ultra colorful will work for an 80’s costume.

Black everything (black pants, black shirt, black shoes) 1 pair of cat ears, cat tail (optional) and black face paint.

What you need:  Jeans, flannel, cowboy/cowgirl hat and you’re set! Add boots, a belt buckle, and chaps to take it to the next level.
Happy Halloween! 

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