November 19, 2014

Here’s the deal.  It is almost impossible to stick to a particular diet your entire life.  Especially FAD diets where you’re injecting hormones, eating 20 times the amount of protein, omitting all fats or carbohydrates, etc.   While these types of diets can be very effective to lose weight, how are you supposed to keep it off?
I’ll tell you one of the most important factors to maintaining your weight after working your hot little booty off: You need to know how to cheat.
Now I use the word “cheat” in this article because that is what the majority of the population considers a yummy indulgence.  Something that is not included in your diet plan.  However I URGE you to stop using that word moving forward.  
Cheat means to “break a rule or law usually to gain an advantage in something.”  Allowing yourself to enjoy a libation or treat should not be viewed as an out of integrity occasion.  It pains me to see my close girlfriends say “I’m cheating this weekend and eating dessert with dinner tonight.”  Since when is treating yourself and having something you enjoy labeled as CHEATING? 
Now that you are never going to use the word “cheat” again, I have a few tips to help you treat yourself without going off the deep end.
1.    One treat or meal.  Things can get a little crazy if you allow yourself constant unhealthy snacks.  If you break your healthy diet almost daily then you are probably seeing minimal results. It’s called willpower, and we all have it. 
2.     Get specific.  Before enjoying your treat, decide beforehand what you are going to indulge in.  That one piece of cake. My traditional eggnog cocktail.  An entire meal at Squatters.  Fantasize about it, look forward to it, and know exactly what you are going to enjoy.  Once you’ve fulfilled your slice of cake fantasy, get back on the healthy nutrition plan.    
3.    Make up for it later.  This has been some of the best advice I have ever received.  I remember when I was younger I would have an entire bag of microwaved popcorn and tell myself, “Well, I’ve already ruined my healthy eating for the day, let’s move on to ice cream!” Now when I have a yummy treat I make note of it and eat a little cleaner for a few days.  This thought can energize your consistency back to eating healthy. 

I hope this helps!

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