Strengthen Your Core In 1-2-3

May 16, 2016

Strengthen your core in 3 steps. PicMonkey Collage coreThis move is fantastic for building core strength and gives you a break from those boring old crunches. Beginners should do number one and two and avoid the third step with the extension of the leg because that’s a bit more advanced, but keep working towards it. ¬†This can be incorporated into your current yoga practice or used alone in place of crunches.

How to do it:

1. Start in downward facing dog, go to three legged dog by lifting a leg into the air and then shift forward, bringing your shoulders over the wrists and knee into forehead. Aim for a rounded upper back and breathe at least 3 breaths here.

2. Then, spin on the bottom foot so you’re facing sideways, lift the top arm and hook the bottom leg’s foot outside the thigh of the standing leg. Aim for a few breaths here.

3. Option to extend the lifted leg to work the core a bit more. Aim for a few breaths here.

Then go back to step one, switch legs, and take it to the other side. Go for 3 times each side if you’re a beginner, and 5-7 if you’re a little more advanced.

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