Swimsuit Season How To Remain Body Positive

March 16, 2016

Every year as the summer heats up, the pressure to be “swimsuit ready” also increases. Rather than encouraging people to embrace their bodies, we are measured against the same photoshopped body on the cover of magazines everywhere.

Let’s break the cycle and create a new outlook. Listen up as Denise Carter and Emily Stone share advice on staying body positive this swimsuit season.



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4 responses to “Swimsuit Season How To Remain Body Positive”

  1. Peggy Rawlins says:

    Thanks for your encouragement to not miss out on fun with family and friends because of fear of how I look. Whether in a swim suit or other summer clothes, it is important to feel good about who I am and enjoy the opportunities to get out and move and have fun with those I love.
    Thanks Denise and Emily!

  2. Kaylynn Lindholm says:

    I like the advice to not miss out on fun things because of being worried about how you look. I am practicing mirror love for myself by looking in the mirror and telling myself I am beautiful and focusing on the things I do like about myself instead of the things I wish were different. I try to talk to myself as I would my good friends.

  3. Emily Stone says:

    Kaylynn, Thats amazing, what great advice! I love that you’re doing that!

  4. Emily Stone says:

    Peggy, that’s what it’s all about! I refuse to miss out on anything this summer because I don’t feel like I look perfect. It’s time to take back and have some fun! I’m so glad you feel the same way!

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