The 5%, And What Sets Them Apart (Lunch & Learn Make-up)

June 26, 2016

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We’re so sorry you missed this month lunch and learn. We also want to apologize, our presenter Travis Brady mistakenly¬†deleted the video recording. But don’t worry, the Salus team has come up with a solution for your makeup. During the presentation, Travis spoke a great deal on meal prep, being consistent, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, meditation through breath, and clean eating

Studies show time and time again that while nearly 75% of Americans experience some success from dieting, nearly 95% of all dieters gain all pounds loss, and 40% end up gaining even more. This make-up lunch and learn discusses the most common traits of the 5% of individuals who maintain weight loss following their diet plan, along with a few tips to help you on your journey to health and wellness.


How to earn 50 points
  1. Watch the learning module video
  2. Respond to the following prompt: It is essential to have goals we are moving toward. Goals offer a sense of purpose and direction in any setting. What positive change can you implement to help you move toward your health & wellness goals?


You may post your response in the comment section below or email info@saluslifestyles.com

Make sure to download my Eating Mindfully hand out for a few tips to help you eat with more awareness.

15 responses to “The 5%, And What Sets Them Apart (Lunch & Learn Make-up)”

  1. Tim Kryselmire says:

    I moved towards eating more nuts as random snacks a few months ago, but I’m currently trying to add actual veggies into the mix… starting with carrots!

  2. Chris Cozzens says:

    I’m trying to cut out soda. It is hard when you approach that ‘free’ fountain. I am getting better.

  3. carley says:

    My goal for keeping off lost pounds is to not eat sugar after 8pm and to exercise 3x per week for 30 minutes at a MODERATE level.

  4. Randy White says:

    The 5% find alternative responses to stress (instead of mindless snacking). Perhaps a better response is to go for another walk while processing the stress (and introduce more carrots for the mindless snacks – as posted above).

  5. Crleen Walker says:

    These are very helpful hints. I struggle with not eating 3 meals a day. These points have given me more ideas to help me get on track to better habits reach my goals.

  6. matt nichols says:

    I’ve moved to a lot less snacking. Substituting nuts/veggies where potato chips and sugar used to be.

  7. Blake Draper says:

    A pretty simple change that could make a big difference for me would be driving past the Maverik on the way to work without stopping. I used to be pretty good at only stopping on Mondays, but that has turned into to several times per week. So initially I need to get back down to once a week, and then eventually not stopping there at all.

  8. Monilee says:

    I heard someone say, “Eat something healthy first.” I am trying to eat a fruit and veggie each evening for dinner.
    This is helping me snack less in the evening. I also have been trying to quit eating after 8 p.m. Late night eating is when I make less healthy choices.

  9. Jody Wojtasek says:

    I have been drinking a full glass of water each evening and each morning. It has helped with sleep and reminding me to eat a good breakfast instead of drinking coffee. It’s working so far. I know that if you don’t get good sleep it is a cause of obesity.

  10. Brian Cannon says:

    I’ve been trying to eat more nuts, fruits and veggies for a while. Sometimes I’m successful, sometimes not. But I’m conscious of my need to eat it. I’ve also tried getting more exercise and sleeping more. Hopefully these changes make a difference. Hopefully these gradual changes will help me be a 5%-er.

  11. Gina Swensen says:

    I tend to eat when I’m stressed so I have substituted in nuts and Skinny Pop for the usual chips and crackers. It makes me feel good about myself when I realize that I haven’t bought those items in a long time. My latest goal is to get back to “salad days”, I think I had kind of burnt out on that after a while.

  12. Jonathan Baker says:

    I have recently cut down the bulk of the carbs I eat, especially sugar based. I have seen a decent weight loss. I have also tried to eat things that are likely to make me fuller faster, though they might be slightly higher calories, I am eating much less overall. I plan to continue this type of eating, lifestyle change so I can accomplish my personal weight loss and health goals.

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