The Key Drop Power Nap

March 20, 2019

Ahh a perfectly timed power nap. For me my “power naps” go either of two ways, either somehow I time it perfectly and wake up refreshed happy and full of energy or I wake up grumpy and full of cranky rage. I recently came across Einsteins and Dali natural key method for napping. Dali who wrote: “The 50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship” refers to it as “Slumber with a key.”

In this version, the nap is an extremely short one—less than a minute or even less than a quarter of a second. However, you can use it to nap for longer but prevent yourself from getting into too deep a sleep.

These are the steps:

Sleep sitting upright (Dali recommends a Spanish-style bony armchair)

Hold a key in your hand, between your fingers (for the bohemian, use a skeleton key)

Relax and fall asleep (but not for too long…)

As you fall asleep, you’ll drop the key. Clang bang clang!

Wake up inspired!

These men were unknowingly taking advantage of what scientists today call the “hypnagogic” nap, where the mind, before it reaches deep sleep, unlocks free flowing creative thoughts.

This little micro-nap, which Dali said should not be longer than a quarter second, is also attributed to Einstein and Aristotle. Fascinatingly, sleep research is beginning to explicitly confirm what these three geniuses implicitly understood:

Sleep has multiple stages, and our bodies behave differently within each part of the process. This stage is called hypnagogia, which means “abducting into sleep.”  it’s that in-between state where you are just beginning to dream but are still conscious.

What’s so brilliant about Dali’s drop-the-key method is that it allows the person not fall into the dangers of an illexecuted nap. You know, when you wake up with grogginess, which research-types called sleep inertia.  Dali, had this insight: if you wake just after falling to sleep, you can side-step the subsequent inertia.

Would you be willing to try the key method?

Happy quarter of a second dreams!


-Denise and Emily


2 responses to “The Key Drop Power Nap”

  1. Roy Lindhardt says:

    I’ve read some about this before. I aught to try it this weekend.

  2. Jody Wojtasek says:

    I’m going to work hard on this, thanks for Sharing. I am the grouchy napper and headache.
    Kept you posted how it works.

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