The Method

January 19, 2018

We have the method, so listen up and execute!

On the podcast, we discuss the 4 step plan to goal setting. Easy exercise and nutrition execution and planning. We are also providing a link below for downloading our iSalus program to getting started. Are you ready to rock it this year? 




Denise & Emily

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12 responses to “The Method”

  1. Randy White says:

    Good podcast!
    I have a general goal – stay more active after five pm! Starting off, set goals for three specific activities over five weeknights (clean the garage, visit an elderly neighbor, etc.). As the weather gets better, there will be many more options (garden, yard, walking) and it will become easier to “not break the chain”.

  2. Shaun Powis says:

    I have a goal to add running to my weight training. My son is a college athlete and has added some high intensity sprinting to his workouts. Keep an eye out for Coppin State Baseball Player Palmer Powis, #17. My wife and I talk a lot with him about fitness and eating habits.

  3. Diana Bellows says:

    My goal for 2018 is to lose (and keep off) 25 pounds.

  4. Jeff Chance says:

    My goal during Warrior Challenge is to lose 20 lbs. During the year 2018 I would like to be able to run a respectable 5k once more. These goals are tough but the journey is fun and rewarding.

    I really enjoyed the story of the elephants. I want to make sure I can break free and reach these goals in 2018. My daily goal is 1 hour on the treadmill. It is difficult to find time for this but I have talked with my wife and we are seeing where that fits into our schedule. Sacrifices have to be made to reach such goals. I now have to eat food that provides the nourishment and recovery nutrients (from the green list of course).. Rest is now more important for physical recovery. This is not easy but we will enjoy the journey and stay positive.

    I liked the insight on the “Ruthlessly Eliminate” and “The Grind.” We are working to make this a part of our daily lives.

    Thank you for the guidance!!

  5. Lisa Deras says:

    Great podcast ladies! My goal is to be more active daily, and eat clean 80/20 I got into a rut that past six months and I’m starting to finally come out of it. I’m buying my first home so being more active daily will be inevitable. I’m not going to set a goal to lose any specific amount of weight, that will come with being more active and eating clean.

  6. Andrea Ave says:

    I appreciated the analogy of the elephants, because human beings are conditioned too. It begins at infancy, and it is incredibly powerful, sometimes handicapping a person well into adulthood in the case of negative conditioning. Identifying the root cause of behaviour patterns becomes essential to break free of negative conditioning.
    I also appreciated the lesson of the “paper clip theory” and “Seinfeld method”- i.e., discipline. No goal can be achieved without discipline.
    Lastly, I think the general attitude toward food in the American mindset needs a huge overhaul. Junk food is called “junk” for a reason. Is it really a sacrifice to skip that doughnut/bagel & cream cheese/pastry/pizza/whatever..? I like Jeff Chance’s mindset above, i.e., view food as nutrients for nourishment and recovery. So rather than view junk food as a treat- which is a positive association and consequently results in feelings of deprivation or restriction when going without- gauge food for its capacity to fuel the brain, nourish the muscles, oxygenate the blood, etc., thereby creating negative associations with foods that rank low in this aspect. And choose non-food items as treats, such as going out to a movie, or a new gadget or new shoes, etc.

  7. Andrea Ave says:

    Oops! I forgot to mention my goal. I have two, and they are both dependent upon discipline. The first is to streamline what I eat. I routinely eat healthy foods, but I need to reduce my indulgences. Keeping a food journal will make it glaringly obvious when I am overindulging. My second goal is to add an additional day of 60-minute exercise. I really appreciated the demonstration a couple of months ago by the Brazilian jiu-jitsu guys. I stopped by their studio to observe a class. Now I just need to commit to a day/time.

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