The One You Feed Wins

November 4, 2016

You make a choice every day on what you want to make meaningful in your life by paying attention to it and letting other things fall into the background. Whatever you focus on grows bigger, and reflects back. That focus influences your experiences, perspective, health, relationships, and wellbeing.

Today, we are dishing on bread, healthy perspective, fish, wolves, and tons of laughter.




Thanks for joining us.


Denise & Emily

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6 responses to “The One You Feed Wins”

  1. Candi Bown says:

    Always enjoy hearing you two laugh… Love the fish and wolf story. I’m setting a goal to take it slow and steady.

  2. Leonard Feil says:

    Emily, I can relate to eating the entire loaf. hahaha

  3. shawn neily says:

    Thanks for the podcast!

  4. Kaylynn Lindholm says:

    I need to hear this today! Thanks ladies for keeping it real and making me laugh! It reminded me even though I have been feeding the wrong wolf lately I get to choose which one I feed today. I am so grateful I get to try again.

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