The Present is a Gift

March 4, 2011
By: Kristin

                                  The Present is a Gift

I’ve always known that there is a strong mind-body connection, but today I was amazed as I witnessed it firsthand.  This morning I was riding a compu-trainer (an indoor trainer for bikes that is hooked up to a computer).  It tracks heart rate, mph, and power output.  I was amazed that when I decided to concentrate on smooth strokes and chose to really push hard, it was reflected in my heart rate, watts, and mph.  The second I let my mind wander to something else, my performance dropped.  I tested this several times and was stunned at how fast the response was.  I know that we are supposed to focus on what we are doing in the present moment, but I couldn’t believe how quickly the body – mind connection was broken when my focus swayed. 
I have learned that when people exercise and think about the muscle they are working (instead of what you are going to have for dinner or what you are going to wear tomorrow) people receive greater benefit.  This is not limited to only exercise but with everything in life.  We are always multi-tasking and trying to make the most out of our time, but I wonder how much is lost in doing this.  If we are trying to do 5 things at once, nothing will be 100%.  How often do you drive somewhere and arrive at your destination without remembering anything about the drive because you were so busy going over your to do list in your mind.  How many times are we talking to someone and they are checking texts or emails or listening to music at the same time? 
When we do this what message are we sending to the people in our life?  This week I am going to deliberately focus on one task at a time.  I will make ever effort to be present in whatever I am doing. Whether it be listening to my 8 year old, making dinner, or driving down the street.  I want to challenge you to do the same.  See what a difference it makes in your relationships, your workouts, your job, and your life.  All we have is the present moment, let’s live in it.

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