The Ultimate Christmas Gift

December 22, 2010

BY: Denise Carter

At a Christmas party recently, I received the ultimate gift.  It’s something I had always wanted, from the first moment I laid eyes on it.  My clients forced me to stand in the middle of the room and laughed excitedly as I opened the gift.  I nervously peeled back the wrapping to find exactly what I dreamt they’d get me…the ultimate workout machine.  Ladies and gentlemen, I am now the very proud owner of a SHAKE WEIGHT!  Every single person had to get up and do his or her impression of the product’s commercials.  You know…the one that comes on TV, and leaves you feeling uncomfortable. The Shake Weight was definitely the centerpiece of the party.  It was perfect.  And to prove that it DOES have merit as a muscle toner, I sent a “did you know?” email to all employees the next morning, complete with facts on my new gift.  They claim you can burn up to 18.4 calories a minute with this filthy thing, so who’s laughing now??  Don’t think I’m not using it!  I may even take it to my next circuit training class…

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