Theme Nights

March 19, 2014

Have you ever noticed that events partnered with a theme are way more fun?  From birthday parties parties to company events, fitness classes- and everything else in between.  It’s no surprise that this holds true for your meals.

Some people have Mexican Monday, Fish Friday, or Slow-Cooker Sunday.  I don’t have designated themes for certain days but I know that I love to try new dishes.  I also know that Mexican food is my weakness!  So rather than go to Betos up the street, I have a dirty pleasure of scanning through Mexican dishes on the internet until I find one that is healthy.  Muahaa! 

A Few Benefits From Theme Night Meal Planning:

It is less expensive than going out.  You also know the ingredients in your meal, making it much healthier.
Easier to plan.  It is so much easier to plan around a certain theme than to choose from every recipe imaginable.  
You can try new recipes.  Since I started implementing theme night at my house I have tried over 10 new slow-cooker recipes.  Eating healthy has been much more enjoyable for my husband now that we aren’t eating the same thing every Sunday.
It’s fun.  Let’s be honest.  When you’re busy you have to enjoy the simple things in life.  I truly look forward to my meals.  If you feel like you need some spice in your meal life, log on to SalusPeople and try some of These Meals.  You can also view the calories and macronutrient information for each meal.  


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